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Clinical Mental health therapist, specializing in anxiety and trauma.

Hosted by Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Jodi Kohut.

You deserve a space to talk about your feelings, past experiences, and current fears  and to be heard non-judgmentally. As your partner in navigating whatever challenges you are facing, I will recognize the uniqueness of your personal experiences, and the meaning that these hold for you as an individual. Sometimes this means that you have someone to navigate the dark with, and at other times, it means that we are working together so that you can achieve your optimal level of health and wellness. 

As a humanistic oriented counselor, I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship and empathetic listening to begin the healing process. As someone who specializes in trauma and adverse childhood experiences, I also rely heavily on psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches to release the power of the past. I believe that the impact of the past influences how we think, feel and behave in the present, often to our own dismay.  I also believe in the innately human capacity to resolve the impact of the past, and to intentionally create a better future. 

I hold a Master’s Degree MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regent University, degree completed in 2018. I currently practice as Licensed Resident in Counseling in the State of Virginia, license #0704013087, under the clinical supervision Dr. Sherry Todd,  PhD, LPC, ATR-BC, CTTS, TFTdx, DAAETS, 101 N Lynnhaven Rd #200, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, (757) 631-1300. 


I have specialized training with trauma protocols and treatments, to include EMDR.

Prior to joining the Counseling profession, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Leadership and Communication Studies from Gonzaga University (2012).  I currently serve as an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), and have done so for nine years. I did spend the first half of my career as a business executive and have additional training in executive coaching.  This experience helps me to understand the unique challenges that living and working in the Northern Virginia area presents. 


I currently practice from my Northern Virginia (Burke) tele-health (and COVID free office) with secure, dependable HIPAA compliant software until such time that we can meet in an office without hiding our expressions behind masks. This means that my services are available to all residents of Virginia. Upon the reopening of offices and businesses without masks, I will be practicing in person in the Fairfax/Burke area. 

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a free, no-obligation chemistry and consultation call where I can answer any questions you have about me, the counseling process, and determine if we can develop an alliance that will help you to achieve your goals.

Currently practicing as Licensed Resident in Counseling in the State of Virginia, license #0704013087, under the clinical supervision Dr. Sherry Todd,  PhD, LPC, ATR-BC, CTTS, TFTdx, DAAETS, 101 N Lynnhaven Rd #200, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, (757) 631-1300.